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September 2021 - 

Investing time (and money!) in a new family pet is a huge step. He’s a great guy - full of schnauzer spunk!  We weights somewhere around 12 lbs now and is doing great. So glad to have him in our pack.
One of the instructors in our puppy class asked for your contact information. She’s a schnauzer fan and loved Ike’s disposition/bearing.  She’s seen it all so that’s a big compliment.
I got a great one!  It’s not just me - my vet, the groomer, and the puppy class trainer have all added their compliments and appreciations to Ike’s statue and demeanor.  I love him because he’s just HIM, but they’re the ones who have “seen it all”!  That tells you something!
All the best
The schnauzers - Gus, Augie, and Ike (and their human) - Cynthia 

August 2020 - Hello Israelsons, 
As we are past 3 great months with Mr. Blue, just wanted to send a picture and write a Puppymonial, if you wanted to use it on the website or for other purposes:
We have fallen in love with our Mr. Blue, and we know that that the care and love that he received from Israelson Schnauzers in his first 8 weeks is a big reason that Blue is the fantastic puppy he is today.  First and foremost, Israelson’s did a fantastic job socializing Blue with people, dogs, and stimuli, helping him be ready to experience the larger world.  Blue meets new experiences and environments with curiosity and not fear, and sees new people and dogs as friendly beings to interact with.  He has gotten rave reviews at the vet, groomer, and doggy daycare about how easy he is to handle. Secondly, Israelson’s work to begin paper training puppies made house training very easy.  As a result, it took very little work to get him to reliably use his potty spot outside, and accidents have been extremely rare.  Finally, Israelson’s made the selection and waiting process fun and interactive.  From the frequent videos of the litter growing up, to the interactive selection process, we had a very good idea what kind of dog we were going to be bringing home by the time we picked Blue up.  We can’t thank you enough for your Family approach to breeding, because it made Blue’s entry to our family seamless.   We can’t wait for years of love, fun, and cuddles ahead!  
-The Murrays-

June 2019 - Hello Israelson Family! I am emailing to thank you for such a wonderful puppy. Tula is so precious and we can’t thank you enough. We are so lucky! Tula has been amazing. She is starting to sleep through the night and she has only had a couple accidents. Tula has already learned sit, down, and at the moment we are working on fetch. She rarely barks, naps all the time, and loves peanut butter! She is so sweet and well mannered. Everyone she meets can’t believe how calm, cute, and well behaved she is. Tula loves to be held like a baby, just like her mom Koko! You guys were so helpful and thoughtful throughout the process of getting her, and the whole experience has been amazing. Thanks to your family, we have a great dog and new family member! 
-Anderson Family

June 2019 - We have been enjoying Salty and wanted to send you some photos! She has already added so much joy to our lives as a family. She is so sweet!   
Otis (our son) has had no allergic reaction - thank goodness! 
Also wanted to thank you guys for such a positive puppy buying experience. We’ve been raving about you guys and many people ask us where we got Salty from. 
Hope you are well, Sharne and Nikolas, Ivy and Otis, And Salty!

June 2017 -The Israelson Family was a great family to get our baby girl Belle from! We felt comfortable with Keve and Amy from the beginning. They communicated with us from the beginning sending pictures and videos of all the puppies weekly ,which was fun to see them grow and their personalities show.  Having Belle has been amazing, it shows she was loved, cared for, and very socialized with people and other pets. She gets along great with everyone. Everyone loves her, she is the sweetest spunkiest her to pieces. Couldn't be happier with the process and outcome. Would highly suggest this amazing family!♡ Ryan, Tracy, Kyle and Kaylea
FYI: My parents come over almost everyday to see Belle, they didn't come see their grandkids that much as babies! It's too funny lol

​March 2016 - Jessica R. - He is a super puppy, enjoys sleeping on a pillow like a human.

December 2014 - Cassy F. - Kash has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He rules the roost even though we have an older dog.

December 2014  - Jon & Tae B. - He is healthy, happy and best buds with his big brother. Attended puppy kindergarten, passed his AKC star puppy star puppy test, participated in an eight week puppy class ... Trying to get him certified as a therapy dog so he can go into nursing homes and bring joy he has to offer.  He is a bundle of joy.